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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Lalganj Pincode / Post Office Search (AZAMGARH, Uttar Pradesh)

Agai B.O 229410LalganjUttar Pradesh
Aihar S.O 229121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ajitpur B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Akauni B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Amarhar B.O 276403LalganjUttar Pradesh
Amawan B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Amawan B.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ambara Paschim B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ami B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ashwania B.O 276301LalganjUttar Pradesh
Asrahi B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Atarhar S.O 229210LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ataura Bujurg B.O 229121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ataura Khurd B.O 229130LalganjUttar Pradesh
Atheha S.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Baba Ka Gaon B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Babaganj S.O 230143LalganjUttar Pradesh
Babuganj S.O 230126LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bahuchara B.O 230137LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bairua B.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bakuliha B.O 229211LalganjUttar Pradesh
Balha B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Banapar B.O 229204LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bangaon B.O 276123LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bannamau B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Baraundi B.O 229205LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bardah S.O 276301LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bargahan B.O 276301LalganjUttar Pradesh
Barha B.O 229208LalganjUttar Pradesh
Baron B.O 230129LalganjUttar Pradesh
Behta S.O 229201LalganjUttar Pradesh
Belauli B.O 221602LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bemaura B.O 229201LalganjUttar Pradesh
Beni Madhiganj B.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Benimadho Nagar B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bhatni B.O 229410LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bhawarpur B.O 276123LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bheera B.O 276301LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bhietrgaon B.O 229205LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bhojpur S.O (Raebareli) 229202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bhopalpur B.O 276202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bhuvana Bujurga B.O 276405LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bijemau B.O 229201LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bisham B.O 276205LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bishun Khera B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bisunpura B.O 276405LalganjUttar Pradesh
Bithooli B.O 229202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Chahotar B.O 229202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Chakwarh B.O 230129LalganjUttar Pradesh
Cheolaha S.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Chewar Pachhim B.O 276201LalganjUttar Pradesh
Chhatarur B.O 230503LalganjUttar Pradesh
Dakhwapur B.O 230143LalganjUttar Pradesh
Dandwal B.O 276203LalganjUttar Pradesh
Darra B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Daulatpur B.O 229202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Dawapur B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Deeha B.O 276128LalganjUttar Pradesh
Deepemau B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Deogaon B.O 229211LalganjUttar Pradesh
Deopur B.O 229212LalganjUttar Pradesh
Deori B.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Dewal Ashram B.O 276405LalganjUttar Pradesh
Dhadhuwa Gajan B.O 230136LalganjUttar Pradesh
Dhanpulpur B.O 229212LalganjUttar Pradesh
Dhansari B.O 230129LalganjUttar Pradesh
Dharauli B.O 230503LalganjUttar Pradesh
Diriapur Newada B.O 276203LalganjUttar Pradesh
Drigpal Ganj B.O 229209LalganjUttar Pradesh
Dudhwan B.O 229215LalganjUttar Pradesh
Dukanaha B.O 229205LalganjUttar Pradesh
Emalipur B.O 276121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Gahrauli B.O 229202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Gajpati Khera B.O 229212LalganjUttar Pradesh
Gaura B.O 276142LalganjUttar Pradesh
Gaura Dand B.O 230503LalganjUttar Pradesh
Gegason B.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Gomadih B.O 276202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Gopali Khera B.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Gujwar B.O 230143LalganjUttar Pradesh
Gurbuxganj S.O 229122LalganjUttar Pradesh
Handaur B.O 230136LalganjUttar Pradesh
Harakhpur Kotwa B.O 230136LalganjUttar Pradesh
Hasnapur B.O 229201LalganjUttar Pradesh
Hasnapur B.O 229121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Hathnasa B.O 229212LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ibrahimpur B.O 229212LalganjUttar Pradesh
Idilpur B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Jairajpur B.O 276121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Jaitipur B.O 276202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Jalesharganj B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Jasmarha B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Jawain B.O 229410LalganjUttar Pradesh
Jeoli B.O 276301LalganjUttar Pradesh
Jethwara S.O 230129LalganjUttar Pradesh
Jhampur B.O 229215LalganjUttar Pradesh
Jogapur B.O 229211LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kabiruddin Pur B.O 276142LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kahjurgaon B.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kaithola S.O 229410LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kakarahi B.O 276142LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kalafatpur B.O 276143LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kamolibirbhanpur B.O 230129LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kaprahi B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kataiya B.O 230137LalganjUttar Pradesh
Katehati B.O 230503LalganjUttar Pradesh
Keshav Pur B.O 276142LalganjUttar Pradesh
Khajuri B.O 230503LalganjUttar Pradesh
Khanapur Khusti B.O 229205LalganjUttar Pradesh
Khaniara B.O 276202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Khiro S.O 229205LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kilahanapur B.O 230201LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kondrajit B.O 230129LalganjUttar Pradesh
Konsa B.O 229122LalganjUttar Pradesh
Korrahi B.O 230129LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kotha Newarhiya B.O 230503LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kothwa Jalal Pur B.O 276142LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kotwa Shukulpur B.O 230136LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kubakhas B.O 276203LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kumbhapur B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kumbhi Aima B.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kumraura B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kundwal B.O 229121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kusundi B.O 229205LalganjUttar Pradesh
Kutulitya B.O 230129LalganjUttar Pradesh
Lachhipur B.O 229211LalganjUttar Pradesh
Lakhapur B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Lalganj (Raebareli) H.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Lalganj Bazar B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Lalumau B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Laxmikant Ganj B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Lodipur Utrawan B.O 229121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Madhukarpur B.O 229121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Maha Khera B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Mahraniganj B.O 229211LalganjUttar Pradesh
Malkegaon B.O 229215LalganjUttar Pradesh
Mangapur B.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Mangit Pur B.O 276142LalganjUttar Pradesh
Manuhar B.O 230141LalganjUttar Pradesh
Mehanazpur S.O 276203LalganjUttar Pradesh
Merui B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Mubarakpur B.O 229208LalganjUttar Pradesh
Murai Ka Bagh S.O 229207LalganjUttar Pradesh
Muraini B.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Murarmau B.O 229212LalganjUttar Pradesh
Musapur B.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Mustafabad B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Nanauti B.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Naubasta B.O 230129LalganjUttar Pradesh
Naurasia B.O 276123LalganjUttar Pradesh
Nehula B.O 276203LalganjUttar Pradesh
Newarhiya B.O 230141LalganjUttar Pradesh
Nibi B.O 229212LalganjUttar Pradesh
Nihastha S.O 229208LalganjUttar Pradesh
Nisgar B.O 229202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Paharpur B.O 230136LalganjUttar Pradesh
Paho S.O 229209LalganjUttar Pradesh
Pahuri B.O 229201LalganjUttar Pradesh
Pakari B.O 276123LalganjUttar Pradesh
Paranipur B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Patila Gaosh Pur B.O 276121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Phulaieh Khajura B.O 276126LalganjUttar Pradesh
Pichari B.O 276403LalganjUttar Pradesh
Pure Bhagwat B.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Pure Noti B.O 230126LalganjUttar Pradesh
Purepandey S.O 229215LalganjUttar Pradesh
Purmeisultanpur B.O 230143LalganjUttar Pradesh
Purwara B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Rahatikar B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Raipur B.O 229215LalganjUttar Pradesh
Rajapur B.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Rajapur Rainiya B.O 230503LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ralpur B.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ramganj B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Rampur Baoli B.O 230132LalganjUttar Pradesh
Rampur Kala B.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ranapur Pahrauli B.O 229205LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ranki B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Rautapur B.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Rehuwa Lalganj B.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Rithia B.O 276142LalganjUttar Pradesh
Safipur B.O 276202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sagra S.O (Pratapgarh) 230136LalganjUttar Pradesh
Saguni B.O 229205LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sahjaura B.O 229122LalganjUttar Pradesh
Salempur B.O 276202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Samaida B.O 276128LalganjUttar Pradesh
Samodha B.O 229212LalganjUttar Pradesh
Samogara B.O 231001LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sandwa Chandika B.O 230503LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sangipur S.O 230139LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sarawan B.O 276202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sareni S.O 229212LalganjUttar Pradesh
Satanpur B.O 229208LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sathion S.O 276406LalganjUttar Pradesh
Satwa Khera B.O 229212LalganjUttar Pradesh
Semarpaha B.O 229206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Semri S.O 229211LalganjUttar Pradesh
Seni B.O 229122LalganjUttar Pradesh
Shahbari B.O 230503LalganjUttar Pradesh
Shanker Bazar B.O 229125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Shekhupur B.O 276121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sheopuri B.O 229209LalganjUttar Pradesh
Shiwali B.O 276206LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sidhauna B.O 276203LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sihuka Abhirpur B.O 276203LalganjUttar Pradesh
Singhortara B.O 229216LalganjUttar Pradesh
Sirahi B.O 276127LalganjUttar Pradesh
Taktewarampur B.O 275301LalganjUttar Pradesh
Tala B.O 229122LalganjUttar Pradesh
Tandadeeh B.O 276123LalganjUttar Pradesh
Tegar Pur B.O 276207LalganjUttar Pradesh
Tejgaon B.O 229215LalganjUttar Pradesh
Tejgarh B.O 230137LalganjUttar Pradesh
Tilkhara Pura Dani B.O 276203LalganjUttar Pradesh
Ubarpur B.O 276202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Uchahuwan B.O 276126LalganjUttar Pradesh
Udaipur B.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Umrapur B.O 229121LalganjUttar Pradesh
Umrar B.O 230125LalganjUttar Pradesh
Usroo B.O 229202LalganjUttar Pradesh
Utarizpur B.O 276403LalganjUttar Pradesh
Utragauri B.O 229203LalganjUttar Pradesh
Vijayapar B.O 276121LalganjUttar Pradesh

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